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Diploma in Aviation & Cabin Crew

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Diploma in Aviation & Cabin Crew

Aviation Industry which is considered as a very Glamorous Industry comes with a rewarding career.The course curriculum mainly covers Language Training, Personality improvement skills, inflight services, safety and security measures to be taken while discharging the duties of Flight Attendant or Cabin crew. CEDP skill Institute provides placement assistance to its students.

If you think sky is the limit, join Diploma in Aviation and Cabin Crew and let your dreams fly high.

Core Benefits

  • Language training helps you gain knowledge of phonetics and make fluent in speaking international English.
  • Improve your body language and conduct yourself gracefully, in a way conducive to the aviation industry.
  • Learn all about in-flight services offered to passengers and attend to their needs from time to time.
  • You get to learn the nuances of in-flight safety and emergency situation management. This, in the long run, helps you manage crisis situations those can crop up unexpectedly in flights.




18 to 27 Years

Total Duration

1 Year

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6 Quick Facts

1. Opportunity to Fly to New Countries and Regions as Part of the Job

As a cabin crew or air hostess, you actually fly to many countries across the globe- literally free of cost. Owing to rotational job shifts and breaks, you can do sightseeing and shop even when working abroad! You can fly to places where it is not easy for others to reach, owing to your job type.

2. Exposure to Myriads of Culture

Working as a cabin crew definitely requires you to interact with people hailing from various parts of the world. This is enriching for the human mind. Besides, you get to learn a lot of things about different culture and people hailing from different nations.

3. Chance to Avail Luxurious Lifestyle and Amenities

Naturally, after getting a job as a cabin crew or air hostess in an airline company, you get access to amenities and luxuries that are not available to aspirants in many other industries, these including accommodation in top hotels.

4. Leaves and Incentives

As a part of your job in the aviation sector, you will get to enjoy extended off days after a stretch of work. This helps you spend holidays in exotic places or reunite with family and friends. Professionals in other sectors usually do not get such long leaves.

5. Work Environment

When you work either as a cabin crew or an air hostess, you get the scope to work in a professional environment and your sense of disciple goes several notches above. As part of your job, your grooming sense also gets a boost.

6. Great Remuneration

As you work in the aviation sector, and climb the ladder upwards, your remuneration goes up significantly. Apart from that you get incentives based on your performance.