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Certificate in X ray Technician

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Certificate in X ray Technician

It is a job oriented medical certificate course which help acquire key X-Ray technology skills. X-Ray technicians, also known as radiologic technologist performs various tasks are the medical imaging labs such as operating the X-Ray equipment, guiding the patients (posture and procedures) and following the instructions of the lab supervisor or manager. These medical support professionals are skilled in taking the images of all the parts of a human body. Apart from that, they also maintain the X-Ray equipment and makes sure it is in good working condition.

Core Benefits

  • Avail entry-level technicians post at diagnostic labs, radiography centres, hospitals or clinics
  • having medical imaging labs within them.
  • Use cutting-edge imaging methods to visualize inside of a human body.
  • X-Ray technician can seek to apply as a clinical instructor.
  • They can also apply for various managerial roles at hospitals and diagnostic labs.

CEDP’s Certificate in X-ray Technician course in Mumbai covers areas:

An undergraduate radiology course, Certificate in X-Ray technician course deals creation of medical images (x-rays) of body structure using electromagnetic radiation. The course includes classroom lectures combined with lab experiences. Students will be taught how to position the patients for X-ray and electrocardiogram procedures and also the basic lab work.

Radiographic Procedures

As a part of curriculum, students will learn how to produce images of the internal structure of the body using the X-ray machines or equipment. A part of body is exposed to ionizing radiation to produce an image.

Anatomy & Physiology

The course covers the basic aspects of anatomy and physiology, a scientific study of human structure. Students will study about the parts and structures of the human body. They will also learn about the functions of the body parts.

Radiology Physics

- It is one of the important studies that is concerned with preparing students for a career as X-Ray technician. It involves the application of physics concepts, methods and theories to medicines.

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6 Quick Facts

1. Job Prospects

After completing your course, you can pursue for a job in healthcare sector. X-ray technician can find work at diagnostic laboratories, radiography centres, hospitals or clinics equipped with medical imaging labs.

2. Growth Opportunities

An extensive experience in the respective field allows the X-ray technician to seek for various managerial roles at the hospital or diagnostic labs.

3. Salary Info

Salary eventually depends on the qualification and experience of the x-ray technician. It also depends on with which hospital or diagnostic lab you’re are employed with as each of them offer different salary package.

4. Job Responsibilities

As an x-ray technician, you have to perform various tasks. Firstly, they will position the patient and x-ray equipment in a way to ensure patient’s and operate the x-ray machines to create images of internal structure of the body. Moreover, they maintain x-ray equipment to ensure that radiographic procedures can be carried out smoothly.

5. Employment Outlook

With a remarkable growth in healthcare sector, it has been found that x-ray technicians are in a high demand. Job opportunities have simultaneously increased because of patient’s need for disease diagnosis through medical imaging.

6. Mobility in Career

Mobility in the career is high as hospitals and diagnostic labs can be found across the country. A skilled and experienced technician can easily find the job in the desired location and as per his/her convenience.