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Certificate in Dialysis Technician

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Certificate in Dialysis Technician

A Dialysis technician’s main task is to operate the Hemodialysis machine used to perform dialysis for patients suffering from kidney failure. Tasks of a dialysis technician include- noting down important details like patients’ temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and weight, giving directions to the patient, setting up the dialysis equipment, supervising the purification process, monitoring the patient, calculating and monitoring the blood flow, cleaning and inspection of the dialysis machine.

Core Benefits

  • After completion of the course, one can avail entry level technicians post at hospitals offering dialysis treatment to patients.
  • Dialysis technicians may work at hospitals (Government or private), clinics and healthcare centers offering dialysis treatment.
  • Dialysis technician can seek supervisory or managerial roles.

CEDP’s Certificate in Dialysis Technician course in Mumbai covers the following areas:

Certificate in Dialysis Technician is a one-year job-oriented course that trains students in efficiently operating dialysis machine. The dialysis machine is used to remove wastes and excess water from the blood of patients with the loss of kidney function.

Operate Hemodialysis Machine

Certificate in Dialysis technician at CEDP trains the students to set up and operate the Hemodialysis machine, which is used to perform dialysis for the patients suffering from kidney failure.

Dialysis Process

Our experts will help students understand the complete dialysis process such as monitoring the patient, supervising the purification process etc. so that they can flawlessly perform their task.

Patient care Principles

It is one of the important elements of the course structure helping students learn patient care principles. As a dialysis technician you have to collect and pen down the important details about the patient including blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature and more.

Our National Recruiters

6 Quick Facts

1.Demand for Technician

Undoubtedly, dialysis technician’s job is a promising one. After completing the course, you become competent in this profession and play a vital role in the recovery of the patients with renal failure or disease. As a fresher, you will be working as a Junior Dialysis Technician and move on to be designated as Dialysis Technician, Senior Dialysis Technician and eventually Chief Dialysis Technician.

2.Job Opportunities

Healthcare industry is looking for skilled healthcare professionals. Post dialysis technician certification, there are ample of job opportunities for the dialysis technician. As a medical professional, you can find a job in hospitals, diagnostic centres and nursing homes.

3.Key Responsibilities

The key responsibility of a dialysis technician is to operate the dialysis equipment which removes excess water and toxins from the blood of a patient. Additionally, it is also the responsibility of dialysis technician to maintain hemodialysis machine, an equipment used for dialysis.

4.Salary Info

Dialysis Technician certification will help you get a job at hospitals which provides dialysis treatment to the patients with kidney failure. Salary package depends on various factors including job location, work experience, employer’s profile.

5.Job-oriented Course

Certificate in Dialysis is a job-oriented course that will help you land on entry level job at hospitals. As a technician, you will perform dialysis using hemodialysis machine.

6.Work Environment

Dialysis technicians typically perform their tasks under the supervision of lead technician, registered nurses or doctors at the hospital.